The Making of a Man: How Men and Boys Honor God and Live With Integrity


What exactly is manhood? How do guys get there?

Tim Brown won the Heisman Trophy at Notre Dame and starred in the NFL for seventeen seasons. Recently inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Tim left the game as a Los Angeles and Oakland Raiders legend and one of the most respected men in sports. Now "Mr. Raider" shares his amazing journey, the triumphs, the heartbreaks, the struggles with women, Al Davis, and God as well as the principles and priorities that made him the man he is today...

Much more than a sports memoir, The Making of a Man reveals how faith, family, honor, and integrity have everything to do with true manhood and a life well-lived. Whether you are a rabid fan or have little interest in football, a young boy or already facing the fourth quarter of your life, these pages will both challenge and inspire you to become the man you've always known you could be.

When a man comes into your life and shows you something about yourself that you didn't know was in you, it's remarkable. The Apostle Paul did that for Timothy, encouraging him to preach and teach and reminding him, "Do not neglect your gift." (1 Tim. 4:14). Paul was a mentor to Timothy, ready to point out the gifts of his protégé and willing to help develop those gifts and pass on his knowledge. Lou Holtz did the same for me, as well as for a whole lot of other guys. That's what a mentor does. I'll always be grateful that he inspired me to believe in myself.

Tim Brown
Former Heisman Trophy Winner and NFL All-Pro

The Making of a Man
Tim Brown, Oakland Raider


Tim Brown is one of the greatest wide receivers to ever play in the National Football League. As Notre Dame's Heisman Trophy winner in 1987, the first wide receiver to ever win the award, Tim was selected sixth overall by the Los Angeles Raiders in the 1988 NFL Draft. He would go on to play sixteen seasons for the Raiders, earning nine Pro Bowl selections and setting numerous team and league records. Since the end of his playing career, Tim has gone on to serve as a television analyst for Fox Sports, NBC and Sirius XM Satellite radio. He has devoted his time and efforts to numerous charitable causes including the 9-1-1 For Kids, the President's Physical Fitness Council, and various Christian-based organizations like Urban Faith in Chicago. Currently, Tim is a college football analyst for ESPN, as well as a co-host on a Dallas CBS affiliate. He continues to be involved in business and charity ventures. He and his wife, Sherice, have four children.


Marcus Allen - Former Heisman Trophy Winner Tim Brown was a great player, teammate, and friend. Now he's written The Making of a Man, which tells the story of his journey to the Heisman, the Raiders, and becoming an NFL star. More important, he tells what it means to become a man who makes a difference. This is a great read into the man behind the legend. I highly recommend this book.

Former Heisman Trophy Winner
NFL Hall of Fame Running Back and Super Bowl XLVIII MVP

This honest and up close play-by-play of the amazing life of Tim Brown is a great read and a powerful, compelling testimony. The gift of this story will help men find the true north that God has for them.

CEO, UMI (Urban Ministries Inc.)

Jerry Rice - NFL Hall of Fame Wide RecieverOver the years, I've respected Tim Brown as an NFL opponent, a teammate, and a friend. In The Making of a Man, you will read what has made Tim the man he is today and learn vital lessons on what being a man is all about. Whether young or old, every guy should read this book.

NFL Hall of Fame Wide Receiver
Three-Time Super Bowl Champion

I've had the privilege of knowing Tim for over thirty years now. I've seen him beat the odds in many different areas of life, especially as a father and a mentor. I believe this book will help bring out your true greatness as you read stories about Tim's successes and struggles, and as you're inspired by his commitment to integrity as well as the life principles and the faith that have carried him through.

CEO, National Center for Fathering


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